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    Understandable that you bring the query here as there’s no Pokémon GO forum. You can raise that issue about a forum being made for these queries here;

  • Right on, how are you guys so fast? But I don’t see a need for it anyways. Just use the S2 level 14 cells and level 17 cells and you should be good to go. I got a normal area with 30 gyms. And cities seems to always have a surplus gyms to be honest. (Unless you are taking about Singapore for example)

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    For whatever reason I have email notifications on this topic and was checking my emails whilst making lunch. 😆

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    What is the intended purpose of the automated censoring software, why are some words permitted in certain places only e.g.:Title, why doesn’t the ‘bot tell us which words it objects to?

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    Instead of "which photo is acceptable" type posts give us choices AND TELL US THE ANSWERS!!!

    Make us better reviewers by showing us what the correct choice is according to the Wayfarer team.

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    Definitely ready, good luck to @NianticTintino!

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    It is the same whether you ask for the park sign or not, as the community of reviewers is today, you can request the same sign for the park 20 times and have it rejected 20 times for any absurd reason even if it is a valid proposal that complies with all niantic standards and guidelines.

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    HAHAHAHA @PkmnTrainerJ-ING, Love it!

    Without further ado! Check out the responses to the Sept AMA HERE!

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    Stop the count!

    Seriously though, this point needs to be answered. It had more votes, and it made this AMA not have any criteria clarification at all. Any reason it was skipped?

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    If anyone cares about @NianticTintino asking feedback about Q10

    10. Is there any information you can provide about incentivizing players to join or be more engaged with Niantic Wayfarer outside of medal tiers and country-specific events? Stuff like in this thread or more frivolous things like cosmetic rewards for wayfarer/niantic social profiles that you can show off?

    a. This one is exciting! We’ve already been thinking of different ways of making the community more engaging. Some of the ideas we’ve thought about are having events focused more on the spirit of exploration, explorer highlights, etc. All with the intention of making the community more fun. This also goes for our events, Wayfarer Challenges, etc. Shout out to those of you who have already made your suggestions. When it comes to social profile rewards, what kind of rewards would excite you?

    I made a feedback thread here

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    1. @NianticTintino in regards to the below Given that Ingress is no longer a clear representation of the overall Wayfarer map, do you intend to make the map (+Lightship) of Wayspots available to Explorers? This ensures that players do not end up submitting things that are already in the database.
      1. Yes, we do want to eventually add a feature that lets you see all the community contributions against yours. We agree, this would save you time and give you more info to nominate other interesting things in your community. We are still looking into the best place and format to bring this to life in a way that doesn’t violate our own internal security rules for web-based applications. 

    Are you considering showing nominations that are also in voting ? This seems to suggest it will only show those that are available across all platforms thus far.

    It would be ideal to have that function as well.

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    "Have you looked into reducing the 1 year lock on bonus locations? What are your reasons for and against this?

    Following question 9, we have thought about possibly allowing a top tier of Explorers to help out smaller, less populated communities. This could look a variety of different ways and they may get this privilege of unlocking their locations periodically in 1 year. When it comes to the 1 year lock, we have this in place to ensure folks aren’t reviewing in areas they are not familiar with, eliminating the community relevance of a location which would make it interesting to them but not others."

    Well, @NianticTintino can you do something for @gazzas89-PGO ? His bonus location is stuck in the middle of nowhere while participating in Brazil Wayfarer challenge.

    Additionally, while I'm agree with helping out remote communities, it's just a waste of bonus location if there are nothing left to review in that location yet the bonus location is locked until next 1 year.

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    What is being done to address the number of low-quality wayspots and wayspots that do not meet the acceptance criteria (for both old and newly approved ones)?

    Along the same lines as the other questions and what’s been shared in the community, we are looking at improving the onboarding process which we hope will improve the quality of each nomination. Furthermore, next year we hope to cultivate a culture of feedback through improved features in the review process and now within the Wayfarer Community. When it comes to those that have already been accepted, these can be caught through edits and the upcoming abuse reporting process. 

    @NianticTintino what are you referring to when saying “those that have already been accepted?” The question asked about not only low quality ones (I assume this is referring to the edits), but ones that do not meet acceptance criteria. There is a distinction between abuse and existing wayspots that do not meet the criteria. Your response seems only to consider abuse, and that’s not at all what the question was about. If the answer is “we are not changing our current position that if the poi exists, it doesn’t matter if it even remotely meets acceptance/eligibility criteria” I would prefer you to state as such. And your seeming belief that improving the onboarding process will prevent wayspots that shouldn’t be accepted is…yeah no.

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    I feel that this rejection reason is likely to cause unfair rejection. Am I just being a worrier?


    I agree with the others. Your answer was very uncomfortable.


    Furthermore, next year we hope to cultivate a culture of feedback through improved features in the review process and now within the Wayfarer Community.

    Does this mean that the plan to update the review interface has been decided to be postponed to next year?

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