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    Isn’t there a way that all POI’s are available in all Niantic games? So far our friends have been connected in all games but why not the POI’s? After all, they all rely on a common database. It’s a lot of work, depending on the region, to make a stop appear in the game. Then we don’t want to hear “We may use it in the future”. – No, then let it appear too.

    This is largely due to the cell system used, as the cells for Pokestops are simply too large and many things cannot be submitted to Pokemon. But these too have their raison d’être.

    Wayfarer is getting more and more frustrating and it’s a pity that Pokemon players in particular are being deceived on this point, because

    • How many stops are there for us Pokemon players?,

    • People do the work submit and rate for upgrades but only get the answer that they have been declined,

    • or you get the promise and still nothing appears, although it has been accepted by both authorities,

    • we submit for all games, but benefit from only a fraction and

    • Players of other games submit things we can’t benefit from

    Want to try out new features at PokeStops? Then please make it available first of all, which there are in your other games just not in Pokemon.

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    @NianticTintino-ING @NianticDanbocat @NianticGiffard

    Very nice that the new update clearly shows that the statement made by you does not correspond to the truth and that too little ☆ for "Visually unique / cultural" leads to a rejection for. Thanks for that !!!

  • We review edits in existing waypoints. Sometimes players use this "edit" function to make clear the stop doesn't exist or is fake. Often I do agree something went wrong accepting the waypoint. But when reviewing, you can only select the "correct" title/ description. In this case it would be nice to kind of escalate these edits to reassess the waypoint.

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    Unfortunately, I think Niantic's philosophy on Pokémon GO will not change.

    They made that clear again this time by fixing the bug.

    That being said, I don't think it's the end of the story, so let me ask you a choice.

    Currently, the rules for Pokémon GO Pokestop appearances are as you know them.

    (I don't dare write anything that the management doesn't explicitly say.)

    And Pokestop spins are once every 5 minutes. You can spin an unlimited number of times.

    In contrast, another game, Ingress, can be hacked up to 5 minutes once every 4 times. After that, it burns out and cannot be hacked until 4 hours later.

    I'm sure you're thinking that all wayspots appear as Pokestop, and that you can spin them once every 5 minutes for an unlimited amount of time.

    However, if all wayspots appear as Pokestop and gyms, Niantic will choose to limit the number of times you can spin them and make you walk.

    In this case, which would you choose?

    I would choose to limit the use of Pokestops and Gyms instead of letting more appear.

    Because even in its current state, Pokémon GO is a game where players don't want to walk, and many of them stay in points where PokeStops and Gyms are clustered for a long time.

    I think this is the cause of a lot of problems for society.

    Instead of making more Pokéstops appear, I choose to reduce the problem by forcing you to spin a limited number of times.

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    I saw you're also spamming this in Pokemon GO official account's tweets. Stop this already.

    How many times you should be told? Wayfarer isn't about populating POIs only for 1 game.

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    Isn't it possible to limit the pool to the signboard of the facility because it is the cause of the accident that the pool is a sociable place and the target on the water surface is the cause of the accident? Also, why is it stated as recommended in the standard despite the prohibition of fountains? There are many accidents in the mountains as well.

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