New Amphitheater fixes?

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Link in supporting details:

I was hoping to get the picture through because it would be cool to have the POI literally be from its first event, but that's obviously gone south quickly. I'm not sure what to do with it; It's brand new and satellite doesn't show it yet, so that obviously didn't help it, but with regards to the school factor I'm not sure how to clarify it because of the way the city planning is. The Amphitheater is completely separate and in no way affiliated with the school, but the city wanted to have everything between the downtown core and the schools connected. I figured it would be clear enough by the fact it's connected with the community center and not the school buildings but apparently no dice. I guess clarification on the school rule would help; at what point does it stop being considered too close?

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    Idk if you can go there when there are no people but my only advice would be to improve your picture to show the whole thing. Not just the ceiling. Looks like a fine nomination to me.

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    So, maybe I missed it, but I don’t see the rejection reasons in this post. The text implies photo quality and maybe k-12 school?

    I agree that a full image of the amphitheater with no patrons would work much better. Also, don’t use the word “new” in the description, say, “Dedicated on August 31, 2021” or “Opened September 10, 2021”.

    Maybe put the pin by the road, where Google Maps says the pin is, to move the POI farther from the middle school?

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    Sorry, missed it when I made the switch. Would you suggest a supporting picture with the surrounding area to show its offset from the school?

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    1. Take better photos. This is definitly a case where a very bad main and supporting photo sunk an otherwise eligible nomination.
    2. If it does appear on street view or satellite map, make sure that your supporting photo gives plenty of context to help reviewers find the location of the amphitheater. Otherwise, you will need to upload a 360 photosphere to establish it's location.
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    Well, darn. I voted positively on this for all things except location. That got a 3* simply because it isn't on StreetView yet and there weren't any identifiers in either photo that I could use for triangulation. I'd suggest getting a wider-angle supporting photo so reviewers can see where it lies in relation to other buildings, or you might add a Photosphere.

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    I like the first picture. It's artistic and unique. However, to get a wayspot approved, the picture usually has to be basic and boring. After the wayspot is approved, you can download this nomination picture, and add it to the wayspot.

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    You might try backing waaaaaay out for the supporting photo to show the entire area and that it's definitely not connected with the school.

    I would have considered it a solid nomination anyway. It's obviously not part of a school building, it's clearly its own amphitheater with its own name, so unless it has the same name as the school, there's no way anyone can mistake it for being associated. Schools don't have amphitheaters like these.

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