Shaded Exercise Equipment "Does not meet acceptance criteria."

Howdy, y'all;

This is the second time someone from my household has submitted a particular set of exercise equipment with a permanent sunshade. It is within a city park along a paved hike/cycle trail.

Main Photo

Description Text: "Work on your core and lower body while staying out of the midday sun."

Supporting Photo:

Supporting Text: "Great place for exercise. Separate shade structure wood chips, and concrete retaining pit from other machines, making them distinct points of interest."

The second part of the supporting info was included after it was marked a duplicate of a similar structure (that has upper body exercise machines) up the trail. The second rejection email came with the ever-helpful single reason of "Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria." Photospheres are present at both workout structures. Is there anything I can really do to improve it, or just have one of us resubmit for a third time?


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    Depends how close these stations are to each other. Too close and Niantic have indicated they should be treated as one single item, not a waypoint for each station.

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    Easy thing to improve is to take photo from an angle that shows the workout machine properly. It's difficult to see what it actually is. If the existing POI is taken similarly, it's understandable that reviewers may mark it a duplicate.

    Use the actual names for the machines, "ab crunch"? Usually not necessary with outdoor gyms, but if you're submitting a series of fitness stations it helps to make them more unique.

    Also, use the support photo efficiently, current one offers only a little additional information. Different angle/direction to show the surrounding area, (keep the sign visible that's useful).

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    Make your primary photo one of the machines, and say what it is, that way it's clear. It's easy for me to see this as a 5*, but then ... well, you know how reviewers are. Aim for painful clarity. XD

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    I see theres a sign next to the workout station, that may be a good thing to use if it helps describe the stations themselves. Personally i would have already accepted this

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    If that sign to the right is the fitness station name I would include that with the equipment, like below.

    Like others have said, name the station what it is. Be specific. If they are in series then that opens up the possibility of doing multiple nominations and if you name it a generic fitness station people could start labeling future nominations as duplicates.

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    Thanks for everything so far; I'll work on reframing the photos. I forgot to leave the title, which was "[Park Name] Stair Climber and Core Swivel." The sign off to the right is just a list of the park ordinances, so not very material to the actual submission. The one it was marked as a duplicate for across the park is "[Park Name] Chest and Shoulder Presses," so both have different descriptive titles, not "Fitness Station 1/2/3."

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