Probably troll rejection, but still give me ideas to improve that nomination:

This was my first nomination that I ever submitted. It got rejected :( because it aparently blocks firefigthers, ambulances and/or police etc. It's german so just trust me on this one.

Just to show you how ridicuslous this is, a zoomed out map of the whole city with all firefighter stations and the wayspot in the middle. Also, there is neither a hospital, or a police station in close proximity.

Anyway. this is my nomination: Any ideas for improvements or should I just renominate it as it is? do you even think it is worthy of a wayspot?

A quick background info on that spot. this area of the city used to be it's own village, with farms, it's own church etc. but over the last couple years it grew immensly and swallowed the village. the sign at the beginning of this neighbourhood even says "Liefering, the village in the city". Bakery Valerie is a old and long lasting business that survived even though super markets shot out of the ground left and right of it.


Again no police station or anything similar in close proximity

On this picture you can see the busstop, that is also seen on google maps as well as the big house at the corner. give me some feedback on aditional information since I struggled with that quite a bit


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