Public library rejected?

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Hey guys, a few days ago I nominated a new public library in our area as a waypoint (Pokéstop). As I said, it's a public library and as such it's safely accessible (it even got a small plaza in front of it). The marker in Maps is correct as far as I can tell. In the mail it just said that my nomination doesn't meet the acceptance criteria (I hope that's what it's called in English).

Title: Bildungshaus Pries-Friedrichsort (education center Pries-Friedrichsort; that's the name of the library)

Description: Früher waren hier ein Sky und ein Aldi-Markt, seit 2021 ist das Gebäude ein neuer Ort der Zusammenkunft und Bildung in Pries-Friedrichsort. Die Stadtteilbücherei und VHS befinden sich hier nun unter einem Dach (After housing a Sky and Aldi market, since 2021 the building contains a place for social activities and education in Pries-Friedrichsort. The public library of the district and the community college are found here).

I added two pictures, the in game pic was a close-up of the front and the second pic was from the plaza in front of the building and the building. No people were on the photos.

Is the community college a problem? Because that would be kinda ridiculous as it's a place mostly for adult's education and universities as wayspots seem to be no problem. Other than that I really don't know what caused this to be rejected as I was pretty sure this was a perfect wayspot.

I hope someone can clarify that for me :)


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    I think a public library at a community college should normally be accepted without any problem.

    You may have encountered bad reviewers, or maybe your photos and text need improvement.

    Sometimes reviewers cannot discern sufficient evidence that a submission is what the nominator says or exists where they say it does.

    We may be of more help if you attach screen shots of your actual submission.

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    If I read this correctly, this was a commercial location that previously housed an Aldi, and this past year was converted to a public library. My guess is that Google hasn’t been updated and the reviewers are still seeing the supermarket. I would recommend taking a photosphere and submitting an update to the Google pin first. Once those are live, then resubmit the nomination for the library.

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    Hard to tell without your photos, but you can also clarify in the supporting info if Google is outdated and showing something else. Not sure what all your second photo shows, but make sure you back up far enough, maybe even across the street, to show that the library is now in that location.

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    I tried posting the pics, but for some reason the comment wont show up?

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    Pictures need to go through moderation, wait a while and the post will appear.

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    I used the first photo for the in game image and the second as reference. It's pretty hard to take pictures there without people in them, because there are several bus stops and shops in close proximity. The weird thing is that neither the Sky nor Aldi market ever showed up on Maps, so I probably got a dense reviewer. It's new, so it's not on Maps. But one quick Google search spits out many articles about the new library. I even wrote it in my description. It's frustrating that this one just got rejected without any reason and without giving me the possibility to improve anything. This was my first nomination ever and I'm kinda demotivated now that not even a public library got accepted.

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    Keep trying! Sometimes you hit a bad batch of reviewers. And you never get the ability to improve anything, unless you make an edit before it goes up for review. You just get rejected and forced to try again.

    But libraries are totally valid. You could try going across the street and taking an area photo to show that it's there, and that might give reviewers better context to match what they see around it to Google maps. Maybe the library also has a website you can provide in the supporting info. It would have the address which reviewers can plug into Google themselves.

    You can also try actually updating Google maps. I did that once for a new business, and it went through in less than a couple weeks.

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    Try leaving a website link

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