I don't understand!

So I've nominated a location, and twice now it's been rejected. Once for crappy picture and one for no land mark. Here's my disagreement with this... open green spaces are allowed as nominations, especially if the have soccer fields and ball diamonds. Other green spaces have been excepted in the same community. There doesn't have to be a landmark to make it a legit stop. It's a community greenspace. Honestly, I can just take a picture of the soccer goal post and I'm sure it would be accepted. But that's off in the distance. It has been done in other green spaces, but that's not a true representation. I've waisted my nomination bump now and I'm really annoyed. Please help!

Here is the description I posted, and the pic used.

Legacy Circle greenspace

A large community greenspace that is used year round. Great for yoga, pic-nics, or flying kites. There is also a ball diamond and soccer field. The greenspace is surrounded by a bike and walking path; making it accessible for everyone


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