Nomination rejected for trolling?

Hello Wayfarer Community,

I don't really understand why my pokéstop nominationw as flagged for targeting other players with the purpose of abuse, ridicule, trolling, or harassment.

It is a real location mark for the Praceta Dr. Albino dos Reis, located at 40.856046, -8.476100

There is 4 more markers like this one around that area, and all of them were rejected. It is the second time I submit all of them and I got the same result as I did on the first try.

It is a place where kids play in the street, people hang out on the grass area and it is used by the locals to exercise (biking and running). It doesn't have a lot of traffic since the area is used by the locals to park their vehicles in a safe way... Could you guys leave me a feedback of why you think the nomination was rejected?

I'm attaching some photos and text from the nomination.

Thanks in advance!

Title: Praceta Dr. Albino dos Reis

Translation: Dr. Albino dos Reis Square

Description: Placa que sinaliza a praceta Dr. Albino dos Reis, no lugar da Giesteira, Outeiro

Translation: Board/Plaque that marks the Dr. Albino dos Reis square, at Giesteira, Outeiro

More info: Praceta calma e tranquila utilizada pelos poucos locais como zona de estacionamento, e pelas crianças que brincam na rua.

Translation: Quiet and peaceful little square used by the locals as a parking area, and by children who play in the street.


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