Why has my Pokestop been rejected?

Hello in the mail says the following 

Hi Trainer Nightwalker0101,

Thank you for proposing the PokéStop small waterfall on 08/27/2021. Your proposal was rejected for the following reason: The proposal does not meet the acceptance criteria, The proposal appears to be a natural feature (for example, a waterfall, mountain, or lake) that is not associated with a man-made object.

So I honestly don't feel like it anymore, every **** gets unlocked but an artificial stream with a small waterfall gets rejected again? Since you can see how it is rated here, if you look properly, then you would see that this small waterfall was created artificially. I find the statement in the mail so what of contradictory, according to the statement go only objects created by humans. Although this was created by people. I do not know what speaks against it, because you can see this small waterfall from the pedestrian path. 

When I look at the environment with me is mostly every **** unlocked and objects from nature not. I slowly have the feeling here rate anti-nature User!!


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