Mailbox in small towns

Hello explorers! In some towns with few inhabitants there is no post office, (as is the case in my town of 1000 inhabitants in Spain). Mailboxes in small towns where there is no post office are valid? They do the same function as an office, but right now they are not valid. Thank you very much explorers!


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    In the U.S., the place where you receive your mail has federal privacy protections. Laws were put in place, ages ago, so legal papers (subpoenas, bankruptcies, divorce, title transfers, deeds, **** certificates, etc) could be delivered to private mailboxes without the recipient feeling threatened by anyone hanging around (like the mafia). Before that, legal papers had to be delivered by hand, or the party involved had to drive downtown and get it from the courthouse or wherever.

    Where I live, the postal service can't keep up. So new neighborhoods get banks of mailboxes, instead of one in front of each house. Apartments have always done that. Those are not good wayspots.

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    Do mailboxes in Spain ever contain the royal cypher of present and past monarchs?

    In the GB and many of its former colonies, a person can generally tell the age of a postbox by the royal cypher on it and depending the royal cypher, people tend to accept the postbox. Not saying it's right to accept postboxes, just that reviewers in the UK would seem to still like postboxes. I personally like them but I can see why some people do not.

    At the moment, I have only seen UK postboxes have enough reviewers be okay with them to get them accepted. I have seen the UK postbox design in such places as Cyprus, Hong-Kong and ROI, amongst other places. In the former colonies, the former red postboxes have often been re-painted, so it is kind of funny to me to see a yellow King Edward VII postbox (Cyprus) or a green one (Ireland).

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