Help me find the "bad word" in my description so that I can update the nomination

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Partly a joke because of the infamously zealous filter, but also, I genuinely want to update the description. (I typically leave it blank when submitting in the field and then update it when I can get on my computer, paste supporting URL, easily check facts, etc. I know there is "upload later" now, but didn't expect the filter to strike.)

Title: Swedish American Telephone Company Building

Description: National Register of Historic Places 85002286. Since its construction in the 1890s, this historical building has housed Betz & Co. (medical supplier), The Swedish American Tel. Co., and Denoyer-Geppert Co. (mapmaker). Its architecture is distinct from contemporary industrial buildings thanks to its ornate brickwork. During its long tenancy, the Swedish American Tel. Co. employed many people in the area, helping the Andersonville neighborhood, known for its Swedish roots, grow into the community it is now.

Supplemental: Info on the building and historic value on the National Park Service National Register of Historic Places (scroll down a little):

I tried removing "Betz" and "Denoyer-Geppert" in case they contained bad words in another language, but it still didn't work.


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    It would be quite stupid, but no way it is medical, right?

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    This forum’s filter doesn’t appear to flag anything in your submission, and I can’t find anything, either.

    I wonder if nationality is verboten. Maybe the Swedish are naughty, somehow?

    Perhaps your link to AssetDetail?

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    Omg, it seems to have been Swedish! I changed the company name to "SATC" and "Swedish roots" to "roots from Sweden," and that got it to work. Weird that it will allow it in the title but not the description! And yep, part of the reason I posted this was to see if the forum filtered anything. I wasn't suspecting Swedish because I thought I had used it before in nominations, due to the neighborhood's heritage, but I just checked and I haven't used it until now. It doesn't seem to mind AssetDetail, thankfully, since all National Register of Historic Places URLs have that, and they're often the only way to prove that a building that looks generic to the untrained eye has been determined to have historical value (such as this submission).

    I know everyone has complained about the filter, but just adding this bizarre example to the pile. @NianticTintino

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