Day 223

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This is a continuation of Day 222, posting daily threads until Niantic acknowledges the unrest with the Wayfarer community.

Despite @NIACHAOSMONKEY-ING , @NianticDanbocat being online since yesterdays post and @NianticTintino providing an update, there was no acknowledgements to any of the plaguing issues.

On the contrary @NianticGiffard provided an update on St. Cloud abuse that was lackluster as always.

To top it off, no update or acknowledgement on AMA voting closing, did @NianticTintino forget about it?



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    On the contrary @NianticGiffard provided an update on St. Cloud abuse that was lackluster as always.

    Lackluster is a severe understatement.

    As explained in depth here, the abuse team utterly failed to act on blatantly obvious cases of abuse, and showed once again a level of incompetence that is truly unacceptable.

    Furthermore, I was very disapointed to see @NianticTintino not acknowledge the increasing backlash in regards to the changes in how nominations are earned, despite him popping into the thread to clarify the technicalities of how it will work.

    Do better Niantic.

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    I'm just curious, does niantic have statistics of how many actives reviewers are there here according to country?

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    Total reviews. Approved pois. If these are unaffected then nothing needs to be done. I've told you before they pay attention to what you do not what you say.

    There appears to be a large portion of reviewers who don't care about any of this just based on the number of agreements I have coming in. The voice of a couple of people on forum posts mean little. I'm not saying your concerns aren't valid just being realistic.

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    Who wants to participate by evaluating a proposal in a system, in which valid proposals are continuously rejected for more and more absurd and illogical reasons and in which getting an "improvement" is only worth to have any proposal rejected before? That is the system that is currently being promoted and that has nothing to do with the old system in which you were motivated to assess stops and ask for more proposals to help the community. On the other hand, with the current system, the only thing that it is achieving is burning more and more people who see what to request and therefore assessing new proposals, it only serves to get pissed off and waste time.

    That is the reason why there are not as many reviewers as there were before. I'm already fed up and I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way. But as we already know, Niantic ignores the problem, they tell you that if it is valid to request the proposal again and they go ahead with their plans. And then we wonder why we are like this and why people do not participate in the evaluation of proposals.

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    Adding this thread to the coal.

    And now we have to deal with one more annoying offender: spoofers who spam bad nominations. Or at least in Sydney.

    Just similiar with other abuse reports, the team treat those offenders badly; imagine you'll only got 30 days ban in Wayfarer and/or First Strike warning in-game for both spoofing and spamming troll nominations. You can see the result, they're back after the ban and start doing the same thing over and over.

    Now imagine if they can spam 1 nomination everyday in the country they're spoofing into, assuming pre-submitter test still not released yet.

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    And the times where Niantic staff says that they have taken action on the Wayfinder, the most recent post states that they actually did not take action on the wayspots at all because they are still in Wayfarer, and so do not always properly follow through.

    Imagine promising a pre-submitter test and announcing that in mid-August (when Tintino arrived at the forums) and then you announce something unsolicited at the end of September which will be implemented within two weeks. Wherever there are spoofers, there will be spam nominations. Sydney is really just at the bottom of the barrel right now. But I know there are many others such as Melbourne AUS and Santa Clara CA that have their lions share, it's just that their queues are very slow.

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    To be fair, this change is probably very simple, while the implementing the test is a harder feature.

    Also, we are talking about features that I understand that should be done by the teams responsible for the games, not by the wayfarer team, so I prefer to think that Tintino is trying hard to get all this done, but facing some challenges getting it as a priority.

    Ingress has been lagging a lot to many players. HPWU distance tracking is totally broken in Android. PGO had been fighting the crash when submitting. I can see Tintino trying to get something done with these teams.

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