Portals in High Security Zones - Players suspected for terrorism activity

Title of the Wayspot: Buddha Syatue at Norocchola

Location: 8.013249,79.724442

City: Norochcholai

Country: Sri Lanka

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: Attached herewith

Photos to support your claim: Read additional information

Additional information:

Date: 29/SEP/2021

Location (Google URL): https://goo.gl/maps/Wfe2MTuAY2epALYf8 

Nature of incident: 4 Enlightened agents were arrested by the security Forces (Navy and Police) and detained for a few hours.



4 of our agents @SashUltra @ultraDex007 @INVoK3R22 @ultraRoM were passing by “Lakviaya” power plant which is located at a high security zone and given the 2 portals “gal kanu” and “Buddha Syatue at Norocchola” were in visible distance to the scanner they tried to break the 2 portals stopped at a distance. Since there was a security checkpoint blocking entrance to these 2 portals they have tried to request permission from the officers at the point to go closer to the portals which was denied. By the time all these agents personal details were obtained and written down at the checkpoint stating it is for security reasons.

 As their access request was denied stating that this is now considered a high security zone and it does not have public access anymore, the agents turned back and were on their way home when they got another call from these security officers stating that they need to get a statement for their request to access this location. 

 This is where things started to take a U-Turn and the officers have insisted that they stop their vehicle immediately and stay where they are until they arrive. These 4 agents were then severely checked and questioned after taking them into custody and kept locked up in the police station for a few hours. 

 Currently only a few resistance agents who are employees of this power plant have access to this location, and given this is located in a high security zone it directly violates the criteria for a valid portal according to Wayfair Guidelines. This also violates the clauses which state that a portal should not obstruct public access or block access to law enforcements in case of an emergency, hence this portal should be removed from the map. It should also be highlighted that the Resistance faction is well aware that the incident happened yesterday (29/09/2021) and they have given their fullest support to resolve the ongoing investigation process carried out by security forces. That incident also highlighted the Spirit of the Game and brotherhood between two ingress factions in Sri Lanka.

 Furthermore the law enforcements stated that they will be doing a thorough investigation on this incident as to how anyone could have obtained the photos from inside this high security zone and uploaded for public access which imposes a direct threat to national security. The investigation continues…


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