Accessible Trails

If you thought the one legged mountain climber that Niantic used in their inforgraphic was kind of silly to show inclusiveness in the exploration part, you're not alone. I don't think mountain climbing is a particularly common activity among the mobility impaired. There is however a new trend to make universally accessible trails. I was able get a 0.5 mile long trail named Peggy's pasture loop nominated and accepted. It was designed with wheeled mobility devices in mind. I also haven't been reviewing but previous efforts recently gave me an upgrade which I used on a rail trail.(things don't get resolved in a timely manner without upgrades). Former railroad right of ways are usually good for accessibility as well. So, there are options for getting out in nature even with mobility issues. I think nominating more of these types of things would be an excellent thing to do. So, be on the lookout for things labeled universally accessible trail.

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