Please help me in improving my latest nomination

Rejected for not meeting acceptance criteria. With added translation below each picture.

Title: Bakery Conzelmann

Description: The bakery received an award in 2021 for being one of the best bakers in Germany from a gourmet magazin called "der Feinschmecker". It is a family run bakery founded and led by the family Conzelmann for three generations going back to the year 1937 in the north of the town Esslingen. Especially recommendable are their own house specialites crispbread, caraway pretzel and rusk. Additionally it is a place where you can meet to spend time with caka and coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

Additional information:

The bakery is located on the first floor of an appartment building. It is especially admirable that they are socially involved by spending their unsold goods at the end of the day to the local foodbank in Esslingen for the unlucky to eat. Furthermore they have a website you can take a closer look at.

What do you think? How are my chances? Is there any additional info you might want to know of?

I think I might need to focus more on the fact of it being a place to meet, since it is partly a café. It is one of three bakeries by the family spread widely over the town.


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