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I cannot make it more relevant! HELP!!!

Coronet Theatre Plaque - the former Olympic No1 theatre site "the bug house" - Corner of Waverley St and Oxford St

Bondi Junction NSW




Plaque embedded into footpath. Commerates the site of the Coronet Theatre. Also known as the second Olympic No1. One of 4 theatres owned by William J Howe. Bought by Hoyts in 1930 who renamed it to Coronet. Closed in 1968 and demolished soon after. In 1910 on the opposite side of the street an open air theatre existed. Plaque is part of series created for the Federation Centenary in 2001 and sponsored by the Easts club. The cinema was called the "the bug house" by locals.


Westfield Bondi Junction, Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia

Supplemental Information

Historical plaque about Waverley History. Some of the theatre history can be found here and Waverley Council theatre history here Easily and publically acccessible. Shade and seating nearby. Bus stops close by. Facilities and cafes abound.

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