I got declined 3 times :|

Hello community,

I can't describe how disappointed I am. Every damn information sign is a wayspot, but this historically and culturally determined street name is not. I also know of comparable wayspots in my wider area. I have submitted this wayspot for the third time and was declined for the third time. Twice for the reason: Apparently offensive or inappropriate activity is going on at the suggested location, and I can't understand the reason for this because the Wayspot is in a good residential area (I used upgrades everytime. Don't know if that's important). I do know it's not THE BEST Wayspot, but definitely one in my eyes and I'll keep trying. Furthermore, there are hardly any wayspots in the area and yes I know that this is not an acceptance criterion. Can you please give me tips on how I can improve my submission?

Thanks in advance

(The sign says: English sister city since 1958 and the street was named after it (Chesterfield))


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    As you know this doesn't meet any eligibles criteria and is on the very top of rejected example, please stop submitting it.

    Inappropriate is, in the selection process, in many languages, translated by "Not an good place" so some reviewers can misclick it for "Not a good waypoint".

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    Sister city signs are not inherently eligibility or acceptable. This looks like a common street sign with, at most, some minor trivia behind it.

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    Street signs are ineligible.

    Three correct rejections, time to find something else.

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    Yeah street sign 1*

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    I disagree with everyone else here. Per Niantic's own guidelines:

    "A great place for exploration

    A place you love to venture out to; a destination or a placemark of local interest and importance and which makes our communities unique and shapes its identity. Somewhere or something that tells the unique story about a place, its history, its cultural meaning, or teaches us about the community we live in.

    Examples of Wayspot categories

    • Historic plaques"

    Yes, it's a street sign, but just because an ordinary street sign should be rejected doesn't mean that *every* street sign should automatically be rejected if it has cultural or historical meaning (as this one clearly does). There are always exceptions, and seeing as this is no ordinary street sign it should at least merit a closer look. This is something you'd probably point out to a visitor and, if I happened to be that visitor, I'd be intrigued by it. That makes it a place of local interest.

    I'd advise that it's all in the sell. If you don't do a good job explaining what it is and why it's important than I'd reject it because, at first glance, it *does* just appear to be a regular old street sign. If you take the time to explain its significance, you'd be able to convince me (and, although I don't speak German, the clearly English name and the dated sign on the bottom make it clear).

    However, you're dealing with a lot of very hard-to-please sticklers here so sometimes even if you do a great job selling it you'll still be rejected because some people apply a very generic, one-size-fits-all understanding to the guidelines even though the guidelines clearly give leeway for interpretation and nuance.

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    Let me elaborate a bit.

    This is definitely an ordinary street sign. This ‘sistercity’ thing add on is pretty much everywhere around here. This is no unique exception. And I certainly would not point them out to a visitor as being something interesting. I could walk around the block and come back with 5 of those signs.

    Wikipedia has a whole page about this. Some towns/city’s do implement it in a cool way that is visually unique. Those I would accept. However if it is just a little generic add on like this one. Or one of those arrows pointing to the sistertown with the distance to it I would not look at those twice sorry.

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    First of all, I know what sister cities are so no need to whip out Wikipedia on me, thanks.

    I looked up the location (Darmstadt, Germany) and while you are correct that there are multiple small sister city streets like that it's still something interesting to me and if I was on student exchange or something in Darmstadt I'd definitely take a day to walk around looking at all of them. In that sense, they very clearly fulfill Niantic's original goal of encouraging exploration in the same way that a trailhead would.

    The only issue I can see is the possibility that the same sign is posted every few meters or so. According to Google Maps none of the "sister city" streets are very long so it's not like there would be a hundred different intersections, but if there's more than one I'd have to reconsider. Unfortunately the lack of street view in Germany makes that difficult to verify, but I'd think the ability to check for duplicates on the nomination page would be a good fail-safe against more than one going through.

    It would be even better if there's some kind of bigger sign or plaque or post along the roadside somewhere that explains the sister city connection in detail like "This street was named and established in 1958 to commemorate the sister city connection between Darmstadt and Chesterfield, UK." That would make a better Wayspot.

    In this case there's an information plaque stating not only the sister city connection but also the year it was established. That does, in fact, make it more than an ordinary street sign and at least as distinctive as some metal plaque beside a bench or a tree stating "in loving memory of grandma so-and-so" who I've never heard of before that I'd never give more than five seconds worth of attention to. The latter actually gets approved all the time yet these sister city signs are something that I personally would get on my feet and go for a walk to see, so which one better fits Niantic's actual goal of encouraging exploration?

    Here's a tip from someone with a "Great" rating on Wayfarer: Instead of asking "why" when doing ratings, ask yourself, "why not?" 😉

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    Every street sign here explains where the name comes from. The history behind the name. So does that make every street sign eligible? I don’t think so

  • Shackawick-PGOShackawick-PGO Posts: 26 ✭✭
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    No, but in this case the Sister Cities program is a specific series that by definition encourages exploration and holds cultural importance.

    Regular street signs are ineligible because the primary purpose of naming a street is functional - For directional purposes. In the case of these sister cities signs, they're named first and foremost as tribute - The city wants them to be looked at beyond the simple purpose of getting from one place to another. The fact that the sister cities-themed streets in Darmstadt are mostly a single block wide is evidence of that. Yes, other streets may also be named in tribute to things but the line of thinking is, "this street needs a name," whereas for the Sister City streets, the first priority is, "let's dedicate something to our Sister City."

  • Shackawick-PGOShackawick-PGO Posts: 26 ✭✭

    It's the process. With other streets, the thought is, "we built this street, what should we name it?" With the sister cities, it's, "we have this sister city, what should we do to honor it?"

    However, I agree with you that if there are multiple identical signs (one at each intersection) then it wouldn't be a good nomination, in which case the OP would be better off petitioning the government to add something more substantial somewhere along the road in a public place - a larger dedication plaque, etc.

    As an aside note I don't understand the logic that a sign pointing in the direction of the various sister cities should not be eligible.

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    Hello Community,

    thank all of you for the numerous comments. My point of view is still the same, but I would like to thank you for some of the productive comments. I will keep trying and submitting this suggestion. @Shackawick-PGO thank you for your comments and the useful tip. @Jeroenix-ING I want to say that my city has 1067 streets and 16 twin cities, but only 6 have been given a street name (as far as I know and a quick Google search). So that's only 6/1067. In addition to @DeDuckIsDees-ING that might be the case in your city but definitely not in mine.

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    Three submissions is already too much time and effort for a 1* rejection. The paragraphs and paragraphs of fruitless defense of a 1* rejection only compounds the problem. Let this go.

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    I like the sentiment behind all this. I really do. I'm in the "why not" camp, but I still have to give the criteria their fair shot, and I just don't think the street sign is unique or interesting enough. I can safely say I would not be bothered to go look at a plaque on a street sign that has little more than a date. I would definitely need more to convince me to go out of my way.

    All I can say is you should focus on the "historical plaque" aspect and not the generic street sign itself, for your best shot. And then it's up to the reviewer vote, and maybe they will agree, or maybe they will agree to disagree, like they have three times already and several people have here. Good luck!

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