Local 1/4 basketball netball court listed as temporary?

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What do I do here.\? This has been rejected for being of temporary nature.

It has existed for ten years. It is listed by Waverley council on page 16 of their report on facilities


What else am I meant to do?????

St James Reserve pocket sized mixed use sport court

Bondi Junction NSW




A spot to have fun, be fit and socialise. Mixed use court in corner of reserve. Used for netball, basketball and hanball and with a tennis hit up wall ay back. Set in one corner of the public community park. It is tiny but well used.


52 St James Rd, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia

Supplemental Information

This iis a pocket mixed use sport court. Set in a mixed use community park with playground, water bubbler, benches and picnic tables and a cpmmunity garden space next to it. Buses are 100m away. 24/7 access. Centennial park is very close by. A great place to explore, exercise and socialise all in one place.


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    Agreed, resubmit, but let the reviewer see what's on the other side of the green wall using your supporting photo. If I was reviewing this, I would sincerely wonder if that thing is in the ground, or if it's an installation on wheels. Even if you did give the reviewers that handy .PDF link to show it's permanent, that photo might sway the laziest among reviewers upon seeing it really anchored in the ground.

    PS if it's on wheels, you're going to have to be really, really persuasive. :)

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    I agree that, based on its position behind the wall, I would assume that the basket is on wheels. I have never seen a hoop positioned behind a wall before, and for safety reasons can’t imagine why one was put there like that. A supporting photo from the other side of the wall, showing permanent installation as well as position within the park as a whole, would serve this nomination well.

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    Just some thoughts while looking at your nomination:

    • Shorten the title to "St James Reserve Sports Court"
    • The current main photo is very close to the basketball ring, try taking it a few steps back and make the image landscape, you'll get more of the sports area in the shot and it will crop better in all the games.
    • Description: Fix the spelling errors.
    • Description: Remove "It is tiny but well used." it doesn't add any value.
    • Supplemental Information: Fix the spelling errors. 
    • Supplemental Information: Make the text concise, eg. change "This iis a pocket mixed use sport court. Set in a mixed use community park..." to just "Sports court in a mixed use community park...". 
    • Supplemental Information: Remove "Buses are 100m away. Centennial park is very close by." as that is irrelevant, it's already stated that it's in a park, so access shouldn't be an issue.
    • Supplemental Information: "A great place to explore, exercise and socialise all in one place." < demonstrate why it meets the acceptance criteria, don't just use buzzwords on their own.

    Overall, this should have been approved, but I think there is room for improvement to enhance your chances. Good luck!

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    Resubmit. Someone must have been a a rush to upgrade and rejected.

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    THanks guys.

    I will redo with a photo showing clealy permanent nature of the hoop!!

    Yes. My grammer and spelling was atrocious. Damn it.

    It is too easy to rush a nomination and be blind to my own inadequecies. Reading what you guys say really bring out the subtle changes that can help really validate a nomination.

    Thanks. All. Have a great weekend.

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    HI guys

    Thank you all.

    I will change the photo to prove no wheels and permanent nature.

    Eeek my spelling was awful. My bad. Will update

    Thank you all for your advice


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    It looks like the primary purpose of that space is for parking. Like the net is an afterthought, for when it isn't filled up with cars.

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    Eh. Half the basketball courts in this game are hoops over church parking lots, so a hoop over a park parking lot hardly seems out of line.

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    edited October 2021

    Not sure the reference to parking lots as I have never had to review one of those!

    But hopefully the nomination links to local government listing of a public park with playing court helps. and new photos as well as google view

    Was a hard one to get the right photo for!!

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