General question about waypoints on private property

I understand that you shouldn't nominate waypoints on private property. But as far as I can see, around a quarter to a third of all waypoints in my area are murals, ornaments or statues on privately owned buildings/front yards. It's like this since I started playing Pokémon GO in 2016 and it was never a problem because you can reach every Stop easily from the sidewalk/public grounds. But when I nominate a new waypoint exactly like those which are already there, they always get rejected (my last nomination was an industrial statue in a front yard which is only one meter away from the sidewalk, you could even touch it without leaving public grounds). Overall, that's fine with me since I know that it's technically incorrect to suggest such waypoints. I still wonder why it's okay for such a large amount of other waypoints (mind you, some of them were even added during the last 2 years) but not for those I suggested. So is there anything I missed or is it just a hit and miss with the reviewers?


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