Please correct the location of this waystop

Title of the Wayspot: Youth Sports Park Diamond #3

Location: 41.29829,-81.86002

City: Strongsville, OH

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: Not applicable

Photos to support your claim: Photos attached

Additional information: I apologize, this is a small move, but it is important to my friend. She is an active Pokemon GO player and does a ton of reviewing in Wayfarer (she introduced me to reviewing!) She submitted this waystop at the end of July and decided to upgrade it to get it into the game (Pokemon GO). It was accepted but it went into a level 17 S2 cell that already had a waystop so it didn't enter Pokemon GO.

Please consider moving this to its original pin location of 41.29820,-81.85985 so it can become a new pokestop for my friend



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