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Invalid Wayspot reports not being taken into account

PatrickyAlbani-PGOPatrickyAlbani-PGO Posts: 41 ✭✭
edited October 2021 in Report a Bug

Recently I've been reporting, both through PoGo and Ingress, a couple invalid Wayspots (school grounds, stuff permanently removed or some plain fakes). While I don't expect them to be removed just based on my report, they used to have an outcome 1~2 days after being reported.

However, recently my reports apparently aren't being judged at all. This way I don't receive an e-mail rejection and I can't post an appeal here on the forum, providing the evidence needed.

Is there anyone having the same issue? @NianticGiffard and @NianticTintino (tagging because you both seem to be pretty active here), could you please check if there's anything going on regarding these reports? Thanks in advance

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