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I play PoGo but not Ingress, and I'm not very familiar with Ingress. One of my favorite things to is to nominate new pokestops. But, sometimes that process can be very frustrating. I've nominated dozens, follow all the criteria, and still have issues with getting more and better pokestops in my area. Is there a benefit to playing Ingress as well? In other words, if I played Ingress, would that help the nominating process in PokemonGo?


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    You'll only playing Ingress to access the Intel Map or to use IITC (so you can see Portals that are not Pokestops in GO). But since Niantic Lightship is a thing, Intel Map or IITC become more unreliable now.

    Otherwise, there are almost no different if you're nominating from either Ingress or GO, other than number of nominations and edits can be submitted (and you should know about In-Game Contribution Limit update).

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    Well, not really. If you have an ingress account, you can view the Intel map. Portals in ingress are allowed to appear closer together than pokéstops in Pogo, so not all wayspots appear in Pogo even though they already exist in the network. So looking in-game in ingress or checking the Intel map (intel.ingress.com) can save you from inadvertantly submitting a duplicate.

    If you reach level 10 in Ingress, you get more submissions. However, it's generally seen that reaching level 10 in Ingress takes more work than reaching level 40 in Pogo, so it's probably not worth it if you don't have a genuine interest in playing Ingress. (Also, the submission allotment system is being update soon - check the news forum.)

    Perhaps post some of your rejected nominations here? We may be able to give feedback to improve your submissions. (And of course, eligible and acceptable nominations do get rejected if you're just unlucky with reviewers.)

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    Thanks. What's the In-Game Contribution Limit update?

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    Thanks Melurra-PGO, appreciated the response. It would be great to get some feedback regarding my rejected nominations. Although, I'm not sure how to post them here for folks to see.

    I agree with what you said: "eligible and acceptable nominations do get rejected if you're just unlucky with reviewers." That must be true, and sure goes a long way to explain why the nominating process is so inconsistent.

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    Take screenshots of your nomination (photo, title, description, supporting photo, and supporting info should all be present, even if it's over more than one screenshot) and a screenshot of the rejection email. You can then post a thread in this forum.

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    Signs for residential developments generally do not, in fact, meet any of the acceptance criteria. They do not promote exercise, they are not good places to be social, and they do not promote exploration (at least not within Niantic's intended meaning). Any that have previously been accepted were most likely either accepted under a previous set of criteria or accepted incorrectly.

    The very few that should be accepted under current criteria would be those with actual historical, artistic, or other cultural significance.

    In addition, your description mentions "this stop" and "players in the area." Game references are not permitted in the title or description (except in those few cases where they are actually relevant to the nomination). That would be why you received the "title or description is not relevant" rejection reason.

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    In addition to what @flatmatt-PGO said above, this also appears to be the type of neighborhood sign that is built into the fence line, which in the case of it being single family residence type neighborhood does bring in the private property rejection.

    I would also note that you used the "place name sign" so I would caution that if you are using the "what is it?" list for things that meet criteria, it is not and never was a list of eligible items.

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    Here is one of the stops that got rejected. It's a place sign for a local neighborhood nearby me. It's unique, and easily accessible by foot. It looks like one of the folks rejecting it stated that it looks like part of a residential property. It's actually not. The sign sits on a brick wall next to the house in the background, but it is not part of that house's property. Perhaps I have to resubmit using a photo at a different angle that shows the sign is not on a residential property.

    There are several place name signs, like this one, in this neighborhood. They meet all the acceptance criteria of Niantic, and some have pokestops associated with them. There are a few that don't, and when I nominate them, they have been rejected with out reason given.

    It's annoying how inconsistent the process to nominate can be. I am completely on board with Niantic's criteria, and take great pains to make sure I follow them, and yet they still get rejected. It's frustrating that nominations are approved or rejected based on the whims of other reviewers. I read somewhere that there was going to be some sort of dispute process if a nomination was rejected, but I haven't seen that yet. That would be nice.

    Sorry if I went off on a mini rant there! Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

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    I don’t see how that sign meets any acceptance criteria.

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    Place signs of neighborhoods, towns, or cities do not meet the eligibility criteria unless they are of historic or cultural significance. Examples of eligible signs include the Hollywood and Las Vegas signs. If this is what you are submitting, then they were correctly rejected. Best to find something else that actually meets the eligibility criteria.

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