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It’s the second time that I submitted this nomination. The first time it was rejected because they thought it was a third party photo. I can’t help it that I take good photos. The second time it was rejected is that they think the stone steps are not man made.

I don’t know if there’s anything I can change in the nomination because I think there’s nothing wrong with it meeting the criteria.

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    You will need to post screenshots of your nomination, including title, description, supporting information, and both photos. The link you posted only leads to one's own nominations.

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    Your problem is a bunch of **** reviewing your nomination. They get a kick out of rejecting.

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    I think the problem is that you need to prove what you are writing. Is there an info sign? Is there a website where reviewers can verify this? If not, you can claim it to be anything. Without some sort of proof it is just a set of stairs which is not eligible.

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    The first rejection would be the correct one. “Does not meet criteria”

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    Nope, it meets criteria, assuming the information is accurate. But the problem is verifying that. How did you find out the info? A sign of some kind would be the ideal primary or supporting photo. Without that, you need to provide some relevant source ... and then hope your submission encounters people who know how to read. So this may be one where you keep trying until you get a good pool of reviewers.

    Also, I would choose a title that reflects that history. "Stone steps" is super generic and encourages people who say "steps don't meet criteria." You want something like "Gravenhurst WWII POW Steps at Gull Lake Park." And for your description, I would be somewhat careful ... were these POWs forced to build the steps? Were they prisoners when they built them? Or were they freed when they chose to give back to the community? Because POWs "wanting to contribute to" the community doesn't quite add up to me (POWs didn't exactly have a choice in the labor they were forced to do), but maybe they actually did and were able to make the best of their imprisonment.

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    This is a good candidate but unfortunately its been hamstrung by the way you've submitted it and im not surprised its been rejected.

    The description doesn't read right, and the support statement is just a retread of the description and doesn't support the nomination.

    I searched "gull park steps" and various iterations and didn't return any information on these steps, the only success I had was when I searched for "gull park POW camp" and then i found a throw away sentence in the middle of the page about some steps being made and still surviving today, no picture and no further details to confirm these are the same ones.

    Most reviewers would have done a quick search found nothing and thought it was someone trying it on, and honestly I couldn't blame them if they 1* it.

    A reviewer shouldn't have to do the research on the submitted POI, you as the submitter should be providing it.

    Rework the support statement to include links to the website confirming the steps are real, ideally if you can find a website with more than one throw away paragraph on them and a picture link to that, as from what ive seen theres no way of knowing if these are the correct steps or not.

    Rework the description as well, while Camp 20 does sound like the holiday homes of POW camps, it still doesn't read right that the POW's just decided to build the steps to give back to the community and nothing I've read suggests that it was anything more than a quid pro quo arrangement rather than giving back to the community.

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    As is, some generic steps that don't meet criteria. You need to have some way of supporting your claim, so a sign or similar. Otherwise they stay steps.

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    Thanks for all of the feedback. I can definitely improve it with information to back up the claim. Near the top of the steps is a sign that has information about Gull Lake Park and the building of the steps. I may even be able to submit the sign as a nomination instead. The sign has information about the history of Gull Lake Park.

    Regarding the interesting point about whether the prisoners were forced to build the steps or not. There was a book published about the POW camp. From reading the book the prisoners were treated very well and some of them felt it was like a vacation. Some of them even decided to bring their families to Canada after the war and live in the Gravenhurst area.

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    Thats a far more in depth website than the one I found and definitely gives more history and feel for the POWs and the locals.

    Regarding your post prior to this, submit the sign as an information point POI if it contains all the relevant info on the step building, with the steps as a background support pic. Or vice versa if you want to still submit the steps as the POI (use an upclose picture of the sign as the support pic)

    Personally I'd go the sign route as the POI and once its accepted add another pic of the stairs to add to 5he gallery.

    As a sign and the additional info added i personally would rate the submission highly

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