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Pokestops' Edits not syncing

I got three edits accepted in the week and none of them has appeared in Pokemon Go, while the changes have been made in Ingress. I also send the IDs of my edits:

ID: DuIBg0nufqEq4LydZ0OOC+q5W4/vQCD4F6h6VBkL/NI=

ID: 3hl2ijN0TFNbpJxqM4KFozLW2jtjXn2ydKmdPem0M2k=

ID: n+Ep6CgDlhnG6XSthivnmvQbRaJWD0oo6wgNqXiX5VE=

I hope that the issue will be sorted out soon and that we won't have to make the edits again as it is a very costly in terms of time procedure and difficult to make.

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Working on a Fix · Last Updated


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