Could we have a Wayfarer app?

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Hello everyone! I'm a old player and living in China Wuxi & Wuhan. Long time ago with Ingress,I have a question is that why do not create a Wayfarer app? I really really hope that will be true someday in the future, thanks Niantic official!

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    Yeah, I tend to agree that the time for a Wayfarer app is now. Ingress is no longer the master map, and there’s a fairly well-demonstrated need for a better way to separate game accounts from Wayfarer access, and there’s an increasing demand for rewards other than upgrades for Wayfarer participation. A stand-alone Wayfarer app could address all of this.

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    Many people might review using their mobile phone, but killing the Web app for desktop users would be a huge step back if you want quality reviews.

    So that means that the web app must remain, and so, multiplying the efforts to keep updated a web app and two (Android & iOS) native apps is not something that we can expect from a company that isn't able to provide basic things like updated guidelines and help pages.

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