Two wayspots for same place, neither are accurate

There’s a spot in a nearby park that is dedicated to sculptures by local artists. The one there now isn’t a wayspot, but two wayspots currently exist for the same place, each with a previous sculpture featured there (years ago by this point, they don’t seem to change out the art frequently).

Assuming the ideal is a map with accurate wayspots, how should I handle this? With the end result being a single wayspot that represents the sculpture currently there. (Current sculpture has a great title of “A Refusal to Stop and Ask for Directions” which would be a fun stop to have. And also reflective of reality of course.)


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    I would see if the park entrance itself has a wayspot. Maybe nominate that, if not, since it won't change.

    For the wayspots that don't reflect current sculptures, I don't think there's anything you can do that doesn't jeopardize their existence. You could try name/description edits. Or add a photo of the current sculptures. A wayspot with a photographic record of the sculptures could be cool. You could also try to take them down and replace them with new ones and end up with the same problem all over again, assuming you were successful and didn't have one of the many steps foiled by Niantic or reviewers.

    Personally, I would either leave them as they are, add new photos, or submit new sculptures if they're far enough away to become relevant in a game.

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    You could report one as a duplicate, and then submit title change, and photo for the one that stays. It’s a lot of work to be done. You may be better sending them to @NianticGiffard or similar so that they can take action.

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    Fun update, yesterday I was in the park and discovered that a new sculpture had been installed. They really don't rotate them frequently so great timing on my part. And I had submitted a photo and name/description edit which now not only do they not match the current wayspot but also do not match reality.

    @CipherBlakk-PGO it's a small park with quite a few wayspots, including north and south entrances. The idea of a photo history of the different art is really cool, just it'd be nice if the wayspot itself doesn't continue to be identified as the the old sculpture, because it took me a little to long to even figure out where the supposed sculpture was supposed to be and that it was not there.

    @PkmnTrainerJ-ING what would I do to send them to one of the niantic people to get looked at? I was under the impression everything had to go through in-app reporting.

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 5,055 Ambassador

    @PkmnTrainerJ-ING what would I do to send them to one of the niantic people to get looked at? I was under the impression everything had to go through in-app reporting

    Tagging them here with some photos would be best. Or you can see if you can ask to DM them so you don’t give your playing location away.

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    @NianticGiffard there are two wayspots - Bike Lake Front Sculpture and The Loop of Metal Faces (can provide exact coordinates if needed) that are close to each other that I am unsure if they are supposed to be the same, but I am certain that neither of them are there now. For Bike Lake Front Sculpture, the main photo I can’t even tell where it’s supposed to be, as the closest buildings do not look like the one in the photo. But the other added photos are clearly of the sculpture being in the oval sidewalk display area. It is clear The Loop of Metal Faces is also in that display area; the wayspot was likely intentionally placed away from the real world location. The photo provided is of what is currently in that display area, which was just installed this weekend, and it replaced a different sculpture (photo also provided as evidence the wayspots did not just get replaced, I think they haven’t existed there for years). It’s a bit of a mess and I have no idea how to deal with this. There is always a sculpture there, but they rotate pieces from various local artists. I haven’t found out how often they rotate, but I can reach out to the park district to see if I can find out if that’s information you would need. I can also provide any other additional photos/evidence needed.

    Bike Lake Front Sculpture:

    The Loop of Metal Faces (only in Ingress):

    Current sculpture:

    Previous (until this past weekend) sculpture:

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    @NianticGiffard I just realized that one of the other nearby wayspots is also supposed to be at the same display area, but clearly not there now. Seems clear two of them were intentionally placed away from the actual location…

  • We have reviewed the report and have taken action on the Wayspot in accordance with our policies. Thanks for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.

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