Plz demote Zombie gym to a stop and promote another stop to gym

In my neighborhood, there is a zombie gym. I mean a gym does not have raid bosses.

Gym name: Colfax way.

Location: 41.789136,-88.195177

This is at a public park. It was an active gym. But some people didn't want pogo trainer raid there and get this gym to be a Zombie gym (it was a long time ago).

I respect people's concern. Can you (Niantic) simply demote the gym to a stop? And give another stop (in the same L14 cell) a chance to be a real gym. I recommend below stop to be upgraded to a gym. It is at the other end of the park and has wider public spaces, and same name.

PokeStop recommended to be a gym:

Name: Colfax way.

Location: 41.789622,-88.192856




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