Brazil Wayfarer Rewards & Bonus Location Reset

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Hello everyone. Forgive me if I am doing this incorrectly as this is my first board discussion. I have not yet received any rewards for my extensive participation in the Brazil challenge and it is past the deadline that a Niantic board member stated they will roll out (no later than the end of the weekend). I would also like my bonus location reset if possible. Thanks everyone for chatting & helping with any answers!


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    Your bonus location will not be reset, as this challenge explicitly didn't include any location resets.

    The rewards should be handed out, though.

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    Since rewards weren't given out as promised ("by the end of the weekend"), a bonus location reset would be an appropriate consolation.

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    No, no it would not.

    I'd be perfectly okay with them increasing the rewards somewhat due to the delay. But they explicitly communicated that locations will not be reset for this challenge, several times. "No resets" should mean "no resets."

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    A lot of people didn't participate because they wouldn't get a reset, so I don't think it's fair to start giving the resets now.

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    @NianticTintino Hello. As for someone who is new to the Wayfarer Challenge, your instructions clearly did not state that a bonus location reset would not be available for this event. It was only stated that those who currently have their home or bonus location set/ recently played in Brazil... this is very misleading and I am very disappointed that I and many others will not be eligible for a bonus location reset. New wayfarer participants do not fully understand your rules regarding bonus locations and cannot just read between the lines to dissect that a reset is not viable.

    "As for those asking if the event will be open to all or just to those with current Home & Bonus Locations set to Brazil, the event will be for those who currently have a Brazilian location set as one or both of their locations or have recently played there in Pokémon GO and/or Ingress. "

    Can you see how this causes confusion and is unclear? I knew about resets before attending my first event (Brazil) and read your instructions and expectations carefully with thoughtfulness. Your message about resets still wasn't properly conveyed. Is there something you can consider or do about the lack of visibility here? My friends and I were excited to participate in our first Niantic Wayfarer Challenge and help our international community in Brazil, only to be locked with this bonus location for who knows how long. We may not even be able to participate in the next challenge due to this and your lack of visibility.

    Please advise.

    -SpadeDelta (Pokemon Go)

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    @NianticTintino I also misinterpreted it as only those who currently cannot change their home/bonus location may not be able to join the challenge given the knowledge admins in the previous challenges were handing out location resets after the event.

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    This is perfectly clear, and there wer multiple discussions about this. Niantic never said anything about any locations being reset for or after this challenge.

    Sorry, but I still think that Niantic handing out resets after the challenge would be very unfair for everyone who read and interpreted the announcements correctly and opted out of this challenge.

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    @Nadiwereb-PGO I disagree with you. This information was NOT clear in the initial instructions. The fact of the matter is, if you cannot be clear and say that resets won't be given out blatantly, a user should not have to read between the lines and decipher that this is the case, especially for someone who is participating in a Wayfarer Challenge for the very first time. A wayfarer should also NOT have to dig through discussion boards to gain validity and clarity of the original instructional thread post that announced the rules of the challenge. For new community discussion members such as myself, I travel a lot for work and am very busy. So, the fact that I even participated was both fun and challenging for me, only to get punished in the end for reading the instructions thoughtfully and clearly. I did not have time to go reading through various discussion boards regarding this challenge to gain closure on the bonus location reset rules. I will bet you, that many people did not even know if a reset would be impossible just by reading the original thread because the literature about this was not up-front and direct. People most likely had to sift through other discussion boards to gain a general consensus. I do think it is unfair for Niantic to give out resets now since those who clearly deciphered that resets weren't available for this challenge in the original post, did not participate for that reason. However, I still stand by my arguments that there was a lack of visibility and clarity on the wording of @NianticTintino 's original post regarding a non-reset for bonus locations. Many who did not participate for this reason will most likely go against my valid and logical arguments because they would feel more horrible for missing out on the event if resets get awarded. I invite you to think about my point of view and my personal experience. Just because you have participated in events in the past, it is giving you a biased mindset to my points because you are used to the literature and wording of the rules. In all, the ambiguous location reset wording in the rule post punishes and deceives new participants in the events. If the original rule post can be more clear in the future @NianticTintino it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering & taking the time to read about my experience and concerns.

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    The rules for this event stated how it would work, if they had to include everything that wasn't valid for this event it would have been a huge mess.

    That's what clarifications are for, in this case the target for the event was the Brazilian community, not everyone.

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    There was nothing at all in the original announcement or any subsequent official posts that would suggest any location reset. Nothing whatsoever. The notion of your bonus location resetting must have come from some other discussion or previous challenges - but that also means you didn't "get punished for reading the instructions thoughtfully and clearly". Quite the opposite, actually.

    You will have to hope for another challenge that will include a location reset. Nothing else you can do.

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