Do Music Stores Count?

Trying to understand why this doesn’t qualify.

Was rejected because: Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria.


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    I would say that music stores, especially established ones, can qualify, but businesses in general are hard sells. Even harder is that this one is not the least bit visually compelling.

    To improve your chances, tighten up your text. Every nominator says every nomination is for others to come together, or unite the community, or some other along those lines, but you say this one is award-winning, so you should be able to prove these claims.

    George’s Music Center

    Description: “Four-time winner of the Silver Fiddle Award, 2015 regional woodwind fencing champion, and sponsor of the Drumsticks for Drumsticks Thanksgiving Initiative. Established 1998”*


    silverfiddleawards dot com

    atwarwithmyoboe2015 dot net

    Note that the tightest text in the world and accurate supporting links are no guarantee. Many reviewers seem to look at the image and the title and decide then and there how they will vote, and this building lacks oomph. If there is some kind of statue or art on the inside** it might make for an easier sell.

    *These are not real awards. They are stand-ins for real awards that a music store may win, to be replaced by real awards in a resubmission.

    **indoor nominations will need pretty solid proof of location, such as a photosphere from inside the store.

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