Appeal: St. Brendan "Whale Mail" POI Rejected Due to Residential

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Title: St. Brendan Whale Mail

Location: [Lat: 41.427093 / Long: -81.881391]

City: North Olmsted, Ohio

Country: United States of America

The St. Brendan Parish's decorative mailbox got rejected due to being on "Residential property" which is false. The POI is located on church grounds & near the parish office. This rejection is a result of people falsely rejecting quality nominations just based on what they quickly think they see - a mailbox - which "has to mean" that it is located at someone's residential address. This goes to show the lack of true thoughtfulness that goes into the voting process & lack of attention to the supplemental photo.

I hope you can help correct this @NianticTintino as this truly is a quality nomination. It is located at the church & parish office which is open to the local community and is a safe space for everyone.



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