POI in wrong spot by 50m

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edited October 2021 in Criteria Clarifications

I have moved the POI. Not accepted as POI is still in same spot. I have tried moving it again but the system moves the spot back. Really it does. So no point submitting any more.

I have done a scan. Does not appear as accepted as it has made no difference

I have changed the title / description to say wrong position - it was not accepted (rightly so but even so)

I have said invalid spot as does not exist on this spot.Not accepted.

I was cheeky. I submitted the photo of the coronet plaque as the real photo on the Grace plaque and guess what - it was accepted..... Hmmmmmm. I thought someone might read the plaque and compare them.

there is another plaque for a totally different thing on exactly the same spot. This has been nominated and it is - yes you guessed it - is never accepted. (it is the coronet plaque you have all given me advice on in this channel - bad description on my part it is the forum discussion called Title Description criteria clarity.)

Is there anything else one can do?????

I could make a nomination for the Grace Plaque - but my worry is it will get rejected as a duplicate. And it will be.

Thoughts please


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