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I live next to a brand new neighborhood that built this nice little plaza sitting area, but the neighborhood is so new that it doesn't show up on the satellite views yet. Should I wait for the Google satellite view to update it's data and then try to submit again at that point? I'm thinking this will fix the POI nomination problem as I can't imagine why else this little park doesn't meet the criteria.



  • Melurra-PGOMelurra-PGO Posts: 421 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Even with satellite view, this will probably be a hard sell. From what you shared, it looks like an unnamed green space (no signage). While it's no doubt an enjoyable space for the residents, it's basically a bench in a small garden, so it will probably be seen as generic. Did you specifically get "mismatched location" as a rejection reason? Did you get any other reasons? You can post screenshots of the full nomination for additional feedback.

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    This will probably not be approved unless it has a sign, a fountain, a pergola, or some other focal point. I see planters and a bench, and while I’m certain it is a lovely place to enjoy some fresh air, I’m not certain that planters and a bench can make it through voting.

    To address your original question, the common method to address an outdated map is to upload a photosphere to Google to manually update the view on the ground. You could be waiting til your grandchildren play Pokémon Go before Google updates their satellite imagery.

  • Yeah there is no sign or anything like that. This is pretty much it. Oh well can't nominate them all. Thanks for the help everyone!

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