Continuous submission of fake nominations.

After this post, most of the related wayspots have been deleted or moved to the correct location.However, fake candidates have recently been approved and created again.

wayspot name : 석조관음보살

wayspot location(current) : 36.587561,127.328836

This wayspot was created by stealing a picture of a Buddha statue 30km away. Attached is the street view of the original Buddha statue and Site address with the description of the statue..

street view :

site addreess :

wayspot name : 동산쉼터

wayspot location(current) : 36.586654,127.331139

This pavilion was applied/created by stealing a pavilion located in Ojukheon, Gangneung.

The original name of this pavilion is Gu Yong-jeong, as written on the signboard.

In the blog introduction below, you can see that the pavilion is in Ojukheon.

blog address :

In addition, there is one more fake wayspot where the original stolen photo cannot be found.

wayspot name : 퓨라 쉼터

wayspot location : 36.585804,127.332538

Strong punishment is required as fake wayspots are constantly being applied/created.



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