Extended definition of 'Location Sensitive'?

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We all can agree that cemeteries and maybe funeral homes are included by this category. What else are included into this category? What about services that are 'related to this category'?

Because you see, someone's trying to nominate a cargo service..., for human remains.

And no, I'm not talking about general worship places like mosques or churches that are also used for funeral ceremonies (or should I say, some of them).


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    Additional notes, that cargo service is located inside an airport complex.

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    WOAH. This is a first for me, and there must be a cultural rift. Can you provide any other details? I assume the submitter nominated this because it is a "lounge" (therefore a gathering place)? But it's actually a cargo service? Why is it written in big cursive letters like that? Honestly, by glancing at the photo, I never would have thought this was a cargo company (I believe you, I'm just very confused by the presentation of it.) In any case, I don't see how any kind of cargo service would be eligible.

    I would say other things that fall under "sensitive location" are yes, funeral homes (why do people submit these??), actively used memorials for an individual or small group (not a broad group like "all veterans") like roadside memorials, shelters for victims of abuse and related places, and orphanages (also K-12 rejection).

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    Well, if you said so.

    You see, in some cases the bodies need to sent to their hometown to be buried there. You know our country has many islands and separated by the ocean, right? So, that building (the transit lounge) is acting like airport terminal but for dead bodies.

    I'm also agree that nomination shouldn't be accepted, but I want to know if it should be rejected under 'Location sensitive', or 'Doesn't meet criteria' is just enough.

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    So this isn't a place for employees to hang out on break, it's an active part of the business/service's operations? I would say that "location sensitive" would be an acceptable rejection reason then (as would "other rejection reason," and possibly "emergency services" if it's in a restricted part of the airport).

    Like @Melurra-PGO, though, I was unsure what to make of this location from the photo and your initial description. It makes sense that such services would exist, but I can't say it's something that I've ever seen (or perhaps just never noticed) in person. And I guess the phrase "transit lounge" alone doesn't have a very specific meaning to me, either, as someone who doesn't spend much time at airports.

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    Of course, I do understand the universal need for such a service and have even seen them at airports, but for the service in the picture, the cursive font, gold and silver letters of the sign, and the fact that it is called a "lounge" when it is probably more like a storage or holding area just seems tasteless. But, regardless of what the sign looks like, it's not eligible.

    You could select either rejection reason and it would be fine. For something like this, because it is not eligible no matter what the location is, I would personally opt for "does not meet criteria" so that the submitter knows that this object has no chance. For something like a playground at an elementary school, I would pick "K-12 School" because playgrounds are normally eligible, but this one is not because it's at a school. For a nomination of a generic garden gnome statue in someone's yard, for example, I would pick "does not meet criteria" even though "private residential property" is still an applicable reason. I fear they might try to submit it again and lie about it, such as saying it's a park or not private residential property.

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    For me, location sensitive is any place you would feel uncomfortable in, if random people just rocked up to.

    So, inside religious establishments, palliative care residences and immediate surrounds, funeral homes, crematoriums and immediate surrounds, anything inside public toilets, mortuaries (excluding those with public museums), any medical treatment facilities ( ill ppl don't need a bunch of rowdy ppl nearby) and anything associated with these businesses.

    The grey areas are nursing home facilities and apartment complexes. Entering on to the grounds of these places, if you aren't invited (residents only, family only etc) obviously isn't appropriate, but unless the subber is stupid enough to include the sign stating it, you won't know.

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