Accepted Waysports Not Becoming Portals

I am aware that this is a known issue and NianticThia has posted an announcement in Ingress Forum. I am merely posting it here so that if someone else also faced the same issue in the last 24 hours, niantic might look into it.

I had submitted a lot of Wayspots over the past 2-3 months and most of them were "In Voting" for over a month. But suddenly everything started to get reviewed fast and many of them got accepted/rejected. Out of those accepted, few arent live in Ingress even though the nearest portal is outside 20m radius. From checking the cell information, i dont think it will come live in Pokemon Go so workaround by giving Like to the picture is Pokemon Go isnt possible. Since the eligibility of a Nomination to become a Portal/Pokestop via the Lightship is not yet made public, am gussing this is a bug.

Following are the Wayspots which are accepted but arent live in Ingress Portal Network:

  • Maruthorvattom Post Office (9.663079374216377, 76.34765404127592)
  • Nerchakozhi Sanketham (9.686244396083573, 76.34122310873283)
  • Moolasthanam Shrine - Cherthala (9.686115832961384, 76.3415959357532)
  • Bell Tower @ St.Mary’s Church (9.689077176963616, 76.33683737732434)
  • Varanad Post Office (9.696211290152716, 76.36124548793225)

Please check them when the issue is identified, i have resubmitted the ones which are violating the cell rule of Pokemon Go hoping it will be live when its accepted the next time.


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