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I'm wondering if niantic could make an official stance on listed building in UK. I've seen a lot of people say that only the top grade (which I think is grade a) is acceptable, and even people say that they are private property so shouldn't be accepted on that ground. So thats why I'm hoping to get some official stancr from niantic


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    If it's single-family residential property, it's automatically ineligible, no matter how interesting it is.

    On the other hand, I don't think it's reasonable to expect Niantic to provide a detailed guide about each individual country's architectural heritage protection system. It will come down to the decisions of the community.

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    It's not houses I'm talking about, it's general listed buildings

    I dotn think kts that hard, most paces listed buildings will have significance, even the lowest grading will have local significance, like in Scotland, grade c is local significance, b I think is national and a is international for example

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    You do realize, though, that every single country has a different system for this, right? In Hungary, for example, we have completely different categories.

    Do you expect Niantic to make a statement on every single country that has a heritage conservation system?

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    All gradings (I, II and II*) are given based on the fact that Historic England (or whatever the equivalent body is in the other countries of the UK) deems them to be architecturally and/or historically important enough. So long as they don't meet one of the major rejection reasons (PRP, K-12, etc) then they have merit as nominations.

    I got a listed building approved which, at first glance doesn't look overly spectacular, but the listing explains that it's got some unique regency architecture (which isn't something that's very common here), so I was able to use the info on the list to explain why it had merit and provide the listing number to verify it.

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    I've submitted 3 and they've all been rejected for

    Doesn't meet criteria (I explained the historical or architectural significance of them)

    Prp (cause the 3 i submitted were closed off I assume?, you could still reach and them fairly easily, but there was a fence round them)

    Poor photo, which I choose to ignore

    Thats why I'd like at keast some input from niantic to give credence for if I try to submit them again

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    There will be a general acceptance level though, like listed building aren't listed for the sake of it.

    And by your logic, there's no point in asking for any clarifications, because every country has their own rulings in everything

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    If it is listed on any recognized historic registry, it should be eligible unless it meets one or more of the rejection criteria. (ex. A historic house is not eligible per it being private residential property.


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    Mind sharing them with us? I had a couple of issues the first time I submitted my regency building. People thought it was a private residence, and on closer inspection of my photos I realised that's because I'd somehow managed to not include the signs that clearly mark it as office space in my photos (despite the fact they're right next to the front door - don't ask how I managed that haha). I retook the photos to clearly show it's in use as office space and it got through after that.

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    My parents used to live in a Grade II listed property. A nice stonebuilt property, but no really very different in appearance from a lot of the other stone build properties in the village, which was full of "listed" properties. Ignoring the PRP aspect, if it had come up for nomination I would almost certainly have rejected it as, in appearance, it was "just another house". In the UK we have 1000s of "listed buidlings", sometimes listed for quite obscure reasons. Just because a building is listed does not make it an automatic reason to accept the nomination in my view.

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    I managed to get one accepted that is now on the endangered buildings list - but it was in the old OPR days and I could write a very long description about its history and it’s historical value. It has had several redevelopment proposals. So it is possible.

    But just around the corner I got another Georgian terrace house rejected. - clearly used as a business and uncommon around here.

    So it is hit and miss. A listing in any country that marks something as historically important should make it acceptable (PRP etc aside) as it should be a great place to explore, and it has been assessed by experts in that field so we ought to respect that.

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    This one was the bad photo one (was hard to get a good pic of it) it's grade c, forgot what the reason was, think it was architecture. It prp

    This one was also prp but also got didn't meet criteria (it's only now that I'm looking at it I can see the regi, but then I had to zoom riiiight in to read it, but thay wasn't a rejection reason). This one is actually grade b listed, pretty sure it was for importance for industry in Glasgow

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    Really like second one, so with a better pic and the story about industry it should be good to go.

    First one is a hard sell ( the one I got accepted looks like that with boarded up windows and plants). So you will need a very good pic - maybe focus on part of the architecture and say exactly what the significance is, the brickwork around door?? so a close up of that ?

    can you search through and find out about its history.

    If you can find out if there are any development plans say that in supplementary, and acknowledge it’s sorry state - there is no point in trying to pretend it is beautiful, but I like the idea that if the story is there people will explore and find out more

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    I did put a link to the info about the buildings in the supporting info, I dont think I went too much into the history of the grade b one, think i just said it was a grade b listed building due to its national historical importance, but I'll try and go into it more

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    I would really hope that if u was reviewing bone if these buildings, that the nomination beould tell me why it's eligible. Simply stating it's a listed building does not do that.

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    I nominated the below listed building and it got rejected as "private residential property" (only rejection reason) despite the large signs stating it is anything but. Apparently there are people living in the offices of chartered surveyors and estate agents these days. Not to mention, the premises next door is a place to get dental implants and also has a huge sign stating that fact.

    I swear there are people who don't want to admit they don't like following the criteria - simply because they do not like something - and would rather feign ignorance and at all costs find a reason to reject something.

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