Generic business clarification

edited May 2020 in Misc Appeals Discussion

PERHAPS we've encountered a business owned by a private individual. The business is not a chain-linked restaurant or chain business....and it is a popular hang out spot or even a hidden gym where you would like to take someone from out of town to...or maybe its even a hyper local spot that happens to make pokemon themed ice cream every community day. Why would someone report the nomination as abuse?! I would like clarification posted on the wayfarer site defining if a generic business includes privately owned unique businesses that may meet some or all of that description. Being reported for abuse is not a joke. We don't want to get banned, or red flagged or punished or anything. Some of us like myself are leaders in the community who before corona virus organized community gathering events promoting the game for free. If we love the game and invest so much income in it apart from time and HONEST non spoofing playing we would like to continue following all the rules and guidelines, but need further clarification for this matter. Please assist.

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