The confusing case of eligibility at day camps

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Besides this is in the USA, I will not place any more than that. Imagine during the summer a day camp exists to watch children on weekdays. Normally, I would separate these. However, these relate. If the camp is on a lake, can I nominate the public lake next to the day camp? Yes, that will be ruled a natural feature or no pedestrian access.

This camp does operate year round for any person that wants to rent it. The camp is next to a lake. Will nominating it (without people) result in a no? Since it is next to a lake, at least one bridge exists. I know those are usually eligible. However, I do not know if acting as a 'day care' for elementary age students will cause the day camp to be rejected. Might I get an opinion. I know trespassing will. This has nothing to do with Boy or Girl Scouts.


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    If that camp isn't 'fenced off' of has a defined terrain that's "theirs" (let's say: only a log cabin serving as a reception) then I would think you can nominate any eligible POI's (indeed, not a lake) in that same public forest/lake area, despite the fact that there could be kids from a nearby camp wandering around.

    I wouldn't nominate the camp itself, even though it could have another function in winter (let's say: an ice fishing club :) ) because it has that daycare center/temporary-seasonal smell about it. If the camp HAS a defined fenced off terrain, I wouldn't even nominate any POI's within it as well.

    PS: a bridge does need something special about it as well, saying it's 'usually ineligible' would be better.

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    I guess I can show movre. Parts are fenced. All of the day camp is not fenced. Where Lake Nixon comes closer to Cooper Orbit Road (public road and not fenced) is a walking bridge. The road that goes next to the day camp is either a city or county road. There is not inside Little Rock. Arkansas is too far south to have any ice fishing. I made sure to show the address from Google Maps. I know how to update Google Maps in Street View and have. I have not here.

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    The Welcome to Lake Nixon sign should be eligible, I think. That’d be the one to try.

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