Duplicate Poi question

I stumbled across a P.O.I that I felt was a slam dunk to be excepted (Jewish Synagogue) and there were no other pokestops or gyms close enough to be in the same cell. So I immediately submitted and upgraded it and it came back as a duplicate. Then when I mentioned it in a local chat group someone told me it's in ingress but not pokemon go wich explains it. (I don't play ingress so didn't realize it) I'm ok with the communities choice to review as a duplicate because it is. But my complaint is can we come up with a better system so I would of known it was in another Niantic platform without being forced to sign on to another app. Also why isn't it in pogo anyway? I was also told that it doesn't share a cell with any other poi? But the most frustrating part is I wasted my upgrade 😒


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