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So, the new "Hold a maximum of 40 nomination slots" has gone live in Pogo - with the same to come for Ingress at some point. 🤔

We are promised that "new" Wayfarers who reach the level to submit will (at some point) have to take the Wayfarer test. 😱 (Even better if when this arrived everybody had to do this. Yes, I know all those people with multiple accounts might find it a bit of a chore, but it seems fair).

Wayfarer reviewers have a "rating" - any time our rating falls below "Good" any argeements gained don't count towards our stats.

So what about a "rating" for "Nominators"? I know this is a potential can of worms, I can see the posts now about "abusive reviewers targeting my nominations etc etc. However, if you have passed and understand the criteria, then you should know some things are an automatic "do not submit", thinks like K-12 schools. I seem to be seeing a lot more of these recently and I fully expect to see a lot more. If Nominators are submitting obvious K-12 or "things in my garden PRP" nominations that have above a particular percentage of reviewer rejections for the same criteria (e.g. 80%+ of those people reviewing the nomination said "K-12" or "PRP"), then perhaps their "Nominator rating" might go down and their "maximum nomination" stored might drop.

There have been a lot of requests for things like Reviewer feedback, a few small criteria updates (e.g. military bases) and "submitter education". Perhaps if there was more of this coming down the pipe from Niantic, particularly if some of the "spam" submissions rejections we all see had an immediate impact, then the nomination queue might be better. If the queue is struggling now, it's going to be a lot worse in a week or so with all these addtional "lets just submit this thing here to use up my nominations" submissions.


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    It is certainly worth a discussion.

    I think the focus for too long has been on the reviewing side with little attention to the nomination side.

    There is your rating which is solely based on reviews, upgrades based on reviews, game badges/medals based on reviewing.

    So perhaps it’s time to bring nominations into the fold.

    My instinct is to have carrots rather than sticks.

    Rewards to encourage good behaviour with nominations. It needs to be flexible to cope well with those in areas where nominating will not be easy - lack of potential spots and those in areas where it is easy. And not discourage middling nominations- those are the ones that sometimes test the water, and if the system only favours tight adherence to solid 5* it will get stale.

    An education feedback system to improve is important part of this.

    I think there are a few vexatious submitters. Most submitters get excited and then that rapidly wanes when they realise that it will a long time to get the reward of the waypoint approved. The system prevents one area dominating so if someone submits a lot in one go in a limited area they are going to be held in the queue reservoir. And yes I have a lot in the reservoir pool but I am resigned to pulling mine out via upgrades.

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    Given that perfectly legitimate nominations get rejected for daft reasons, I'd say submitter ratings are a bad idea. I've had perfectly legitimate things be rejected for lazy reviewers too, and had to resubmit, sometimes 2 or 3 times

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    Your concern is very understandable.

    I think the same way.

    And unfortunately, in the current situation where it is estimated that the majority of Pokémon Go players in the city have some kind of multiple accounts, it can be said that they have double or triple the number of nominations and review slots at their disposal.

    As I have written in the past on social networking sites, I am in favor of educating the nominators, but I believe that the nominated candidates should be ranked according to their approval rate and number.

    For example, when the number of nominations reaches a certain number (50 or more), the number of approvals divided by the number of nominations should be 75% or more for great, 60% or more for good, 50% or more for fair, and less than that for poor.

    A great nominee will automatically have all their nominations upgraded, a good nominee can use the upgrade on any candidate (as before), a fair nominee cannot use the upgrade, and a poor nominee will have all their nominations delayed.

    In addition to this, we would like to see the recommendation process start with the first choice of "What is it?" to encourage better nominations.

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