Excessive Photo Abuse in Sydney

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Consider this Part 2 of the ongoing legacy that is the ludicrous amount of abuse that reviewers in Sydney have to consistently stomach on a daily basis. No, I'm not talking about a certain disk on the ground, I am talking about the endless Pokemon GO screenshot photo submissions, all the associated edits that come with them and just outright abuse. I write for those who review in Sydney, Australia and surrounds. Especially when one of your fellow Resistance agents posts this in the Wayfarer channel, you know it's bad.

What you are able to see as you scroll down is roughly about one months' worth of abusive photo reviews. Exclusively photo reviews. And every single one of them is Pokemon GO-related: they would either include an AR photo with a Pokemon on it, a screenshot of them playing Pokemon GO, a screenshot of something Pokemon GO-related, or include other random garbage such as carpets, beds, dirty floors or furniture.

For your convenience, I have categorised each of the abusive photos below.

AR Pokemon (13 photos)

Screenshots of Pokemon GO or other related material (6 photos)

this kinda makes it obvious as to where the majority of it is coming from...

Screenshots which includes a certain app overlay (20 PHOTOS!!)

And this is a whole combination of bad

The sheer volume of people nominating photos using screenshots and submitting it is extremely jarring. Anyone reviewing in Sydney will have seen a subset of the above, and even though I want to review as much as I can, the fact that this is literally half of what I'm seeing, it's awful. Understand as well that the For example, the Lord Nelson Hotel would have a title edit as "Lord Nelson Hotel place", or the May Hollingworth Plaque will have a description edit adding "nice place".

But anyone who even has the slightest idea of what the certain app overlay which is pictured above should be culled. How would we stop people from contributing photos if these people are getting to Level 38 in a cinch? Let me assure you that it's almost certain that none of these people have even passed the Wayfarer test, because all they would rather do is do abusive stuff anyway.

No one should be able to contribute photos without passing the Wayfarer test, or the app should at least be able to block photos from the Pokemon GO or Screenshots photo! Please assist because this is literally all I'm getting for reviews and it is not fun, does flagging anything for abuse in-review really do anything?



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