How to move an invisible waypoint?

Hi everyone, I was wondering how to actually get a waypoint moved if due to bad photosphere locations, the pin was moved to be blocked both by cell and the exclusion zone thus it doesn't appear in ingress or pogo.

This was approved but

The photo spheres of the building were all squashed to one side. (Bad gps signal due to ice hockey rink roof).

(The hallway photospheres aren't even aligned along the hallway but stacked diagonally - they are definitely in the wrong spots)

What this means is the review process likely led to the pin being moved.

The gallery is down the main entrance hallway and to the right behind the arena as the layout visible in the weirdly closely overlapping photo spheres show.

But with the waypoint invisible to both ingress and pogo how do I get a darn edit to it?

Anywhere in that red box would be valid right?

Resubmitting gets it duplicated now I believe so that option is out.

Should I use the >10m form? I can't judge how far the waypoint was moved to during review as it's invisible except during dupe checking.

Is it a lost cause here?


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