Niewidoczny pokestop

Cześć ostatnio dodałem do gry trzy pokestopy i do wszystkich trzech otrzymałem taką wiadomość

Thank you for submitting Kapliczka Jana Nepomucena on Oct 26, 2021! We’ve reviewed your PokéStop nomination, and unfortunately, we’re unable to add this location as it’s already in our system. We’ve added the photo from your submission as an additional photo to the existing location, which may be used in the future.

Pokestopy które dodawałem wcześniej sa juz w grze a tego dalej nie ma pomimo akceptacji


  • XeZar66-INGXeZar66-ING Posts: 227 ✭✭✭

    That nomination wasn't accepted, because "it’s already in system". That means it's a duplicate of an exisitng wayspot. Also, this is not the correct category, this one was for Poland Wayfarer Challenge, which ended about a year ago.

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