'.' Rejection Appeal - The Two Towers

As per @NianticDanbocat's comment here, I am appealing a Niantic staff '.' rejection -

I am posting in the Misc Appeals section instead of Danbocat's DMs so that there is more visibility and so that it can be permalinked.

Nomination ID: f/vZcivENvVKwBdvb88ZWVTrvj/3lzlFpuMtsea3f4M=

Location: 51.374315, -0.093941

The nomination was rejected on 2021-09-13, over nine months from its original submission by Niantic staff.

The building is visible from miles around and the location can clearly be confirmed in Street View - https://goo.gl/maps/TfS9oQz6m3qTFCeq7



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