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Do POI edits show the first photo or current photo on the editing screen?

I have a POI I created that has had its photo changed.

  • In Pogo and Ingress games it shows the new photo
  • In Wayfarer nominations screen it shows the original photo

What does it show for reviewers when they review an edit?

Example1 : near me many playgrounds have been upgraded. One from normal swing sets to amazing wooden octopus cubby. If the old photo show then a change request to "Octopus playground" likely would not be accepted.

Example 2: I created a POI of an underpass mural and gave it a disappointing name (mural on x street and y street) ... after it went live realised should have called it "yellow submarine" due to part of the mural ... much more catchy. If I changed the photo to the said sub, which photo would reviewers see?

Appreciate your thoughts.

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  • Spa3tacus-INGSpa3tacus-ING Posts: 37 ✭✭

    dipende dai voti che ottieni quella piu votata sara la prima foto

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