Niantic Review Decision

I received this as a reason for an eligible wayspot being denied. I have seen numerous approvals of similar wayspots and mine is no different. It’s unique, safe to access, and not at a school, private property, or any other rejection reason.

I need to know what the title (Niantic Review Decision) means as it seems generic at best and in the past, I’ve had many legitimate nominations voted down by a group of hardcore wayfarers (it’s really one guy on multiple accounts), and they’ve posted here regarding it which proved intent of harassment.

So, if I know what that means, I can get it looked into as to why it was rejected and appeal it as it’s unnecessary drama I really do not want to deal with. If it’s the same person, Niantic can review that and give proper judgment, but again, the reason is generic.

For context, it’s one of those residential community fancy signs. I’ve seen many of them as stops/gyms, and I see them as nominations constantly.


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