Better evidence reviewers aren’t reading

When I initially submit nominations, I put placeholders in for the description and secondary info (my default is “Words”). I intentionally haven’t been reviewing for almost two weeks now, since I didn’t want an upgrade until I had edited the placeholders for a couple nominations I had in there. I was to trying to figure out the artist for this mural so I could give credit. Also hopefully get a better title if I could decipher the words.

Apparently 20+ agreements kicked in over the past couple days, after my agreements hadn’t increased at all for several days (hence I wasn’t worried about having an upgrade I wasn’t ready for). So I got an upgrade, it went into voting and got approved all within the past 24-ish hours without me having replaced the placeholders.

The nomination got approved with the description and supporting info saying only “Words” and now that’s what’ll be the description in-game as well. Moreover, it’s new and doesn’t show on Google street view, which given the lack of description and accompanying supporting info would to me seem super sketchy and possibly potential abuse were I reviewing.

I get I’m chancing it by not having a finalized submission ready for an upgrade, but I always assumed the chance is that it would be rightfully denied and I’d have wasted an upgrade.

Also, it can take like 6 months for edits to go through, so I’ll put that in asap, but the description “Words” is gonna be there for quite some time.


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