Portal in the **** area

First, I must admit that I am a fan of hard-to-access portals. I believe they give a possibility to make some new friends, overcome some interesting limits, and just to find out who is able to reach some hard-to-access portals.

But this is something I would not cheer on, as this is in highly dangerous area. It is located in the military area, but not like some others that I believe are fun to play with, but more specifically in the military **** training area. And, because we are in Finland, there is no fence but only a warning sign to not enter. Someone not wise enough might try just to walk that 600m to portal, in the middle of the **** training.

Map attached to this post says in Finnish "AMPUMA-ALUE" in the middle of it, which translates directly to "**** RANGE". Google Maps link will show some information about the road located south of the **** range.

Title of the Wayspot: Saab 35FS Draken (DK-229)

Location: 61.25160923552479, 27.987224290644036

City: Taipalsaari

Country: Finland

Google Maps Street View: https://goo.gl/maps/pZkZg34AEX4Ewgmg8



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