Upcoming Wayfarer 4.3 Updates

Hello Explorers, 

You spoke and we listened! I’m very excited to share that we’ll be shipping some new updates with Wayfarer 4.3 next week and hope they add to your Wayfarer experience. Check out the updates below for more information!

Unlimited Quiz Attempts

We’re letting new users attempt the quiz an unlimited number of times with a 15min cooldown period in between - enough time for you to revisit the Criteria pages. We felt it was a shame to limit the attempts and have folks never return back. We believe that practice makes perfect! For those who have already taken the quiz and failed it twice, they will also be able to retake the quiz an unlimited number of times. 

Nominations In Review by Niantic

Nominations that are in review by Niantic will no longer disappear from your Nominations page. Your nominations will be displayed and labeled as being IN VOTING by Niantic, with a Niantic logo badge. 

Rejection Reasons

We’ll display the top two rejection reasons your rejected nominations received - these are based on the rejection reasons noted by your nominations’ reviewers. We heard your feedback about the upcoming email changes and wanted to get this done before we launched the new emails.

Again, we hope you’re as excited as we are to ship these updates! Excited to hear how they improve your Wayfarer experience! Check out the discussion HERE!

Safe Exploring!

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