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FDNY Call Boxes

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As somebody that lives in the metro-NYC area, a lot of reviews I come across are the FDNY Call Boxes that are littered throughout the city [I attached a photo of one at the bottom of this post for anybody that may be unfamiliar]. The basis of these nominations oftentimes appear to be historic significance - a reminder of a time when you needed a call box because cellphones weren't around yet. However, I think a lot of those submitting these boxes fail to realize [or purposely disregard] not only the number of these boxes throughout the city, but the fact that they're still active and used commonly.

These are also referred to as "ERS Boxes" by emergency services, and they are still in service. As a matter of fact, according to media outlets, there are over 14,000 of them scattered throughout the five boroughs. They are still used, maintained, and replaced as needed, and I believe this should render these submissions ineligible due to their lack of rarity, the misrepresentation of them being a thing of the past, and it could even obstruct emergency services if a group of raiders obstructs the box. Maybe somebody from Niantic can give some input on this or a concrete answer if available?

Edit: realized I forgot to put a picture like I said I would...

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